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Handcrafted Belt Buckles


Capturing images with photography has been a favorite form of creative expression for me my entire life. 


Creating handmade cards, wearable art, and wall images have been a natural extension and a way for me to share this joy. 


My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to stay connected by sharing cards and gift-giving with those in your life that you love! This is why I am offering options such as stamps, blank note cards, and other sweet treats when you purchase cards from me. I want your friends and loved ones to feel as happy receiving one of my handmade items as I was when I took the photo or created the art!



“Receiving a card or a letter is intimate, personal, and archival. It lovingly begs your attention to connect. And, it also serves as an inheritance of personal history.” 

Andrea L. Mays, PhD


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